About us


Our History

Sphinx Elite is a brand new Brazilian waxing company with a very seasoned and unique take on waxing.  Tabitha Reinhardt, founder and operator of Sphinx Elite, is a visionary with aspirations of making others feel strong, confident, and ravishingly beautiful inside and out.  Tabitha has been waxing since 2010 and has the skills, passion, and reputation of a proven artist in the industry.  With well over 200 personal clients, Tabitha has a multitude of positive reviews from satisfied customers who come back knowing they will always leave happy and feeling sexy and silky smooth!

Clients are more than Customers

Tabitha provides a personal cell number and is available to text about any advice on taking care of your skin and what kind of treatments may work best for each unique appointment.


Sphinx Elite Waxing Co. aims to make every single experience and skin treatment to leave a lasting feeling of sexiness and confidence.

Our Location

Conveniently located, Sphinx Elite is a place where you can, without hassle or pressure, make appointments for other beauty services from professionals that share the same work ethic as Tabitha.



Sphinx Elite Waxing Co. uses only the best

waxing products to ensure a proper and perfect

service.  Nufree is the ELITE standard for hair

removal in the industry.  Nufree is a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, anhydrous botanical formula.  It contains no wax, sugar, or honey.  What does all this mean?  Nufree does not stick to the skin and therefore drastically reduces the possibility for any significant skin abrasion or damage.  After being tested for 10 years, Nufree has proven to be much less painful than other formulas.

We also use Finipil, which is FDA approved, to cool and clean the skin.  Finipil is an OTC antiseptic applied to the clients skin after waxing to cool and soothe the skin.