Brazilian - $60 

Our Brazilian is more than just a quick and careless experience.  "No hair left behind" is our motto while also being so well seasoned that it will not take a long chunk of your day.  Maintenance Brazilians are priced at $50 and usually can take as little as 15 minutes.


Bikini - $35

For those who prefer a bikini wax we can guarantee your satisfaction with perfection in a very timely manner.



With a delicate touch, you will be leaving with a smile from ear to ear, shining with confidence, knowing that your face is silky smooth!

Brow - $20

Lip - $10

Full Face - $35


Schedule a half leg - $50 or a full leg - $75 for the right to throw away your razor for the next month and enjoy the feeling of a sexy, silky smooth pair of legs.

Other Services

Tailor Bikini - $40

Underarms - $20

Arms - $40

Men's Back/Neck - $50

Men's Chest - $35

Men's Tummy - $30